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New York, NY: How did a subculture born on the streets of New York City evolve into a ubiquitous global phenomenon? From its origins in the late 1960s through today, the story of street art and graffiti in New York City is still being told. Creating a rich, visual contextualization of that history, Howl! Happening is pleased to present CITY OF KINGS – an exhibition tracing the historical chronology of graffiti’s emergence as an art form and elevating the under-recognized artists and other players who pushed the medium forward. The exhibition is held in two parts, the first at Howl! Happening and the second at Howl! Arts/Howl! Archive (HA/HA).

Curated by first-generation graffiti artist Al Díaz (who worked under the name Bomb One before partnering with Jean-Michel Basquiat to create the SAMO©… tag) with additional curation from graffiti archivist and artist  Eric ‘DEAL CIA’ Felisbret and art educator Mariah Fox, the exhibition features stories, photos, ephemera, videos, documentaries, and the accounts of historical experiences, many of which are previously unseen.

CITY OF KINGS: A History of New York City Graffiti

  •  7.5” x 9.25” Color, perfect bound paperback. 98 pages.

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